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So now pause with yourself...

Meditating on the self as a soul , we start to experience the power of true silence, which is sweet, peaceful, rich and powerful. It is the ‘language of the soul’, being able to feel supremely comfortable and stable. When we are touching the ‘heart’ of our selves we are light and vibrant...we are silent.

Vital silence

Silence is the fertile space for natural expression of our inner goodness as well as the space where new and powerful ideas can emerge. It lies deeper than our every day thinking; the complexities of everyday life and the accumulated clutter.

The Real and the Eternal

Living our life without pressing the pause button is like playing music without any silence between the notes. If we deny ourselves silence for fear of the dissonance of our own thoughts, we deprive ourselves of life’s greatest treasure, our eternal truth and beauty.

j-a-m practice: The Power of Pause

In the silent pause we are putting a brake on the doing , the thinking and the speaking, we are giving ourselves space and time to be attentive, to observe the traffic of our daily life. We then re-enter the day with clarity and perspective. Taking just-a-minute regularly, we can keep in-tune with the from inner noise.

Benefits of silence

  • Release the experience of the sweetness of the soul
  • Allows space to welcome inspiration and powerful ideas
  • Nourishes creativity
  • Deepens inner stability
  • Renews our perspective
  • Brings clarity to make timely decisions
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