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Who, when and where?

The beauty of just-a-minute is that anyone anywhere is free to do it, without having to find more time.


Brushing your teeth, waiting for the kettle to boil, stuck in traffic, on the train or bus, waiting for the computer to start, ‘on hold’ on the telephone, etc...   Taking just-a-minute to transform these moments from ‘wasted time’ into ‘time for me’ brings enjoyment to the simplest tasks.


just-a-minute at HOME

When you wake up let your first moment be for your self.  Create thoughts for a beautiful day.

just-a-minute at WORK

Before a challenging task, meeting, take a moment to rest, relax and reflect.

just-a-minute on the MOVE

Before you set out on a journey and when you are stuck in traffic, take a moment to focus and keep cool.

just-a-minute with FRIENDS or FAMILY

Find time to share a minute of silence together and help create a relaxed atmosphere.

More Ideas

just-a-minute for the GAME

Many professional sportsmen and sportswomen now recognise the power of meditation and visualisation to help them to concentrate the mind and reach their peak performance.



just-a-minute in MEETINGS

Stopping for one minute together before a meeting gives everyone a chance to let go of tension and worries and to find common ground with each other.



just-a-minute in an EXAM

Allow your mind to freshen up before an exam.  You will think better, remember more and use less energy.  If you start feeling tense halfway through, invest in a minute to restore your calm and concentrated state.



just-a-minute to be CREATIVE

Artistic ideas, scientific insights and successful decisions generally emerge from a powerful and stable mind, free from future worries or trapped in past regrets.   just-a-minute helps you to think in a new, fresh and clear way.

“How to meditate when you haven’t got time!”

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